Cube2box 2 Retail People


There seem to be two types of people working in the retail world at least at my store.

Type one is just there for the paycheck, they show up do the minimal amount of work and go home. This is the type of person that would leave things sitting in boxes for days instead of simply taking the items out of the box and putting them on the shelf. This person complains about the hours they are getting, but doesn’t want to take on any extra shifts.

Type two treats it as a real job. They show up, they do what needs to get done, sometimes more, and then goes home. This is the person who would see the box sitting out in and make the extra effort to put the items in the box on a shelf. This person makes the full time list and ends up with the ten hour shifts who tries to give hours to the type one person for his/her own sanity.

I really want to be a type one, but I really can’t force myself not to try at work. It would take me more effort not to care about things than it does just to get stuff done.

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