Show Up To Work


During the recent Ice Storm in Kentucky several of my work colleagues decided to not show up for work. Some called in to let us know they were not showing up, others did not. Unfortunately a retail store run by corporate is not likely to be closed due to ice.

I can understand not showing up for work for a few reasons. No Power If you don’t have a cell phone, no power means no phone. It also may mean no hot water, no warm food, no lights to get dressed. Bad road conditions Ice and snow can lead to bad road conditions, but if you life within five to ten minutes of the store, please show up. It can also be scary to work retail and get into an accident. You may not have enough money to pay your deductible.

I work retail so other people not showing up means no breaks and extended hours for those who do show up. It also means poorer sales and a lower quality of service for the customers. By not showing up you are not only hurting your fellow workers, you are hurting your company. It would also be nice if you could call in within enough time to find somebody else to cover your shift. The person who opens the store does not really want to be the person who closes the store twelve hours later.

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