Guitar Hero 3 Vs Rock Band


Guitar Hero 3 It was a good game in my mind until I played rock band. The song selection is great, the game is a bit easier than GH1 and GH2 were. The wireless guitar is great. The boss battles are a bit lame. Medium seemed a lot harder to take on than easy did. The multiplayer battles are cool, and playing guitar and bass is what most people are use to for co-op play. Online score ranking is a neat feature, but compared to everyone else on the lists I really suck and guitar gaming :).

Rock Band Guitar + Drums + Mic = Fun. It is a great group game as well as a solo game. There are no boss battles here, just playing. It seems to me like all the sound guys from the original group stuck with Harmonix with Rock Band. The songs are more polished, the notes seem to fit the songs. This is a bit easier than GH1 and GH2 at least for me on guitar. I easily moved from easy to medium while touring with my rock band.

Drumming is pretty fun, it is loud, so if you live in an apartment you may want to try tone down the sound a bit. I did this mod, now while it does dampen the sound it also lowers the pickup level of the drums, not to an unusable level, but I did seem to miss a few beats now and again and I know I was hitting the drums. I’ve only made it through the first set as a drummer, but I am able to pick it up pretty well. You really do have to be able to make and follow the beat though or your band mates will get mad at you.

Singing. Personally I have yet to sing, but everyone else that has tried it in my band has loved it. It is a great karaoke game. The higher difficulties don’t seem to do much to the singer, at least by medium. The words are easy to see on a decent sized tv, they may be harder to see on smaller ones.

Guitar/Bass is pretty much the same from other Guitar Hero Games, so I won’t say much other than that I like the new guitar, but it needs to come with a longer strap for us tallies. Song selection is pretty good, you will find yourself playing the same songs over and over in the beginning, but once you get the tour bus you will quickly unlock more songs. The downloadable content is also pretty decent.

Overall if you have a wii you should get GH3, if you have anything else you need to get Rock Band.

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